Swiss Packaging Award 2021: These are the nominees

The nominees for the Swiss Packaging Award 2021 of the Swiss Packaging Institute SVI have been determined. 24 packaging solutions in six categories and two special categories can hope to receive the prestigious Swiss Packaging Award. The winners will be announced on June 10.

Swiss Packaging Award 2021: A selection of this year's nominees.

A total of 46 packaging solutions were submitted by 34 different participants, including five entries for the Young Talent Award, in which schoolchildren and students were able to present their packaging ideas. The special circular economy award, which was offered for the first time, recorded 15 entries. The sustainability category was particularly well represented this year with 26 entries, reflecting the demands of the times: packaging companies are under enormous pressure to develop recyclable and reusable packaging, especially in the plastics sector. However, the large number of entries shows that the Swiss packaging industry is doing its homework, according to a statement from the Swiss Packaging Institute.

With the Swiss Packaging Award, the SVI honors outstanding achievements in packaging every year. The aim of the competition is to showcase the creativity and innovative strength of the Swiss packaging industry. Companies can submit their packaging solutions in the categories of sustainability, convenience, design, marketing, technology and construction. A maximum of three packaging solutions are nominated per category, one of which is chosen as the winner.

Packaging of all materials is eligible for the competition. The focus is on promoting and awarding holistic packaging solutions, regardless of the packaging material. This year, the special prize for recycling management was introduced for the first time.

The winners of this year's award will be announced on June 10. The organizer of the competition SVI hopes that the award ceremony can again be held physically.

Swiss Packaging Award 2021 The nominees
Category Product Responsible
Sustainability Turn 4 into 1 = Good to recycle Wipf AG
Sustainability Lunch box as a service reCIRCLE AG
Convenience FlatMap® Sealpac Switzerland GmbH
Convenience Smart Cups Bachmann Forming AG
Convenience New Tear Tab Greiner Packaging AG
Design Appenzeller noble brandy Zimet Gin Kraftkom Ltd.
Design La Nébuleuse - Les Annuelles de la Brasserie Bourquin SA
Design Victorinox Huntsman Rheinpack GmbH
Marketing - painting alternative Bourquin SA
Marketing Victorinox Huntsman Rheinpack GmbH
Marketing Digital Printable Tubes Webshop Hoffmann Neopac AG
Technology HiPack Multifood packaging concept hvb Innova AG
Technology NetPot Bachmann Forming AG
Technology Shrink Sleeve 3D Illusion NYCO Flexible Packaging
Construction ALL-IN-ONE sales tray Mosburger GmbH
Construction Bottle packaging "600 ans Servagnin Model AG
Construction Shipping box for 1 bottle Bourquin SA
Young Talent Award Boîte de levage Ismael Brederoo
Young Talent Award Fast erectable tray Gabriele Galeckaite
Young Talent Award Cigarette case Flavio Renzi
Special prize circular economy Turn 4 into 1 = Good to recycle Wipf AG
Special prize circular economy DUO SHAPE EARTH 4 DUO PLAST AG
Special prize circular economy Valser 100% rPET CCHBC Switzerland
Source: Swiss Packaging Award

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