Ovomaltine Branchli is the most popular product 2020

Promarca presents the "Star of the Year" award for the third time, recognizing the most successful new brand launch of the year. Ovomaltine Branchli" from Wander is the favourite of Swiss consumers.

Happy about the prize: the Wander team with an oversized Ovomaltine Branchli. (Picture: zVg.)

The twelve product innovations with the highest sales were identified on the basis of Nielsen's "Retail Trade Panel". These are product innovations that have generated sales for the first time and were launched by Promarca members in the current year. Subsequently, consumers were able to choose their favourite from these twelve products by means of a representative online survey.

The winner this year was Wander's Ovomaltine Branchli. During a visit to Wander's headquarters in Neuenegg, Switzerland, Promarca CEO Anastasia Li-Treyer presented the "Star of the Year" award to Wander CEO Arnold Furtwaengler.

Also making it onto the podium were Storck (Switzerland) with their Knoppers coconut bar and Nivea Sun Protection & Dry Touch from Beiersdorf.

Consumers' favourites 2020

  1. Ovaltine Branchli
  2. Knoppers coconut bar
  3. Nivea Sun Protection & Dry Touch Vapo
  4. Feldschlösschen 1876
  5. Volvic Essence Orange Elderflower
  6. Lotus Biscoff Mini Ice Cream Sticks
  7. Eve Limited Edition Peach Mango
  8. WC Fresh Deluxe Delicate Magnolia
  9. Starbucks Single Origin Coffee Colombia
  10. Durgol WC Effective Cleaner Blue
  11. L'Oréal Bambi Eye False Lash
  12. Organics by Red Bull Viva Mate
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