Credit Suisse wins the DOOH Award from Clear Channel

Clear Channel awards the best digital out-of-home campaign for the second time. In their digital judging session, the jury with representatives from Clear Channel, media and creative agencies as well as clients chose the CS campaign "Bank for Entrepreneurs" as this year's winner.


Stephanie Dirscherl, MediaCom, Roman Reichelt, CS, Belinda Simeon, CS, Diego Quintarelli, CCCH, Monica Peter, CS, Nicole Costa, CCCH, Andrea Bison, Thjnk, Tanja Klotz, CS and David Schätti, CS (f.l.)

According to the press release, the campaign achieved the highest score in the criteria of message, technology and use of medium as well as creativity. The focus was on whether the campaign contained an innovative idea and exploited the characteristics of the DOOH medium. Further evaluation points were the design and implementation of the brand and a consistently implemented target group approach.


The judges for this year's Clear Channel DOOH Awards.

Credit Suisse was closely followed by the Porsche and Globus campaigns. The award was presented in person on 5.11.2020. The award ceremony will be held in a dignified setting as soon as the situation allows, Clear Channel wrote on Monday.

Credit Suisse's "Bank for Entrepreneurs" campaign (media agency: MediaCom; creative agency: Thjnk) was played out on 17 digital screens in the center of Zurich for 14 days in January 2020.

With the Digital Out of Home Award, Clear Channel aims to recognise campaigns that make innovative and targeted use of the DOOH medium, providing inspiration for successful DOOH campaigns.

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