Nathalie Wappler is Swiss "Media Manager of the Year

The jury of Schweizer Journalist magazine agreed that it was not an easy year to find a "Media Manager of the Year". Finally, the choice fell unanimously on Nathalie Wappler.


The choice this year was difficult above all because this person should not only have an eye on the numbers, but should also have rendered outstanding services to journalism, according to a statement. "Of course, the SRF director also has to save money and cut jobs, but she is not doing it with a lawnmower, but is integrating the deteriorating economic conditions into the strategy "SRF 2024." This strategy aims to clarify nothing less than the role of the public service in the digital age. While on the one hand it cuts off old braids and takes unpopular decisions, such as with the abolition of "Eco," "Netz Natur" and "52 Best Books," on the other hand it invests in journalism (research desk, investigative journalism, specialist editorial departments). In addition, it has formats developed for social media and is trying to create a spirit of optimism internally. She still has to work on the latter," she says. Wappler is not afraid to make a splash when she is convinced that she is doing the right thing. That takes a lot of courage in her position as head of a public institution in the area of tension between public expectations and politics.

The "Media Manager of the Year" award is presented annually to an executive in Swiss media management who, through his or her work, promotes the basis for journalism and thus also makes an important contribution to society. "Good journalism necessarily needs good management. We want to make this clear with this award, especially in the Corona Year, and at the same time appreciate the work of exceptional media managers," Johann Oberauer, publisher of the Swiss journalist, cited in the release.

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