This was the first FemBizSwiss Award

The first FemBizSwiss Award was presented in Zurich on Friday. Under the motto "beyond the next level", women were honored in the categories of Leadership, Innovation and Communication who are helping to shape the future of the country with their digital ideas.


Patrizia Laeri with the winners Lea Hungerbühler, Valérie Vuillerat, Nadia Fischer and Bettina Hirsig as well as award initiator Tijen Onaran (from left).

The aim of the award is to give women and their exciting initiatives more reach and to underline their importance internationally. 
"Making the great women and their projects visible is a big step towards more diversity," says Tijen Onaran, award initiator and founder of Global Digital Women. "It's not just the nominees who benefit from the award. As role models, they encourage others to follow their path and realize their ideas."
Together with business journalist Patrizia Laeri, Tijen Onaran hosted the evening. They spoke with host Anette Bronder, Group Chief Operating Officer of Swiss Re, about current diversity developments in the Swiss digital and technology industry. Before the winners were crowned, Kenza Ait Si Abbou, winner of the Digital Female Leader Awards 2018, encouraged the nominees in her keynote speech on "Lucky or Not?" not to downplay the hard work behind their success. 


Award winners

LeadershipBettina Hirsig, CEO Powecoders
Innovation: Nadia Fischer and Valérie Vuillerat, founders of Witty Works
CommunicationLea Hungerbühler, President and Founder AsyLex



LeadershipArijana Walcott and Sophie Lamparter, Co-Founder Dart Labs; Nadja Perroulaz, Co-Founder Liip
InnovationMelanie Gabriel, Co-Founder & CMO Yokoy; Sophie Achermann and Kathrin Bertschy, CEO alliance F
CommunicationGabrielle Lang, CEO Frontwerks and; Sylvie Reinhard, President of the Board Republik

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