The last two winners of a golden Effie are known

Now all gold winners of the Effie Awards Switzerland 2020 are known. Bank Cler has won a Gold Effie, as has Migros - for the second time.


After the Women's Center Zurich (Stop Prostitution) and the Migros (Ice Tea Beats) on Tuesday the first two winners were announced, two more gold winners are now known:


1st Bank Cler: "The Zak Context Banner" (Category: Highlight) 

Zak, Bank Cler's mobile banking service, reacted in October 2018 to the announcement of new fees by its competitor Postfinance. With a banner right next to numerous online articles on the topic, Zak promoted the switch to the alternative that continues to be free of charge and thus addressed disappointed Postfinance customers at exactly the right moment and in the right place. The selective measure was a huge success and, measured by the impact of the budget used, 31 times more efficient (in terms of new customers gained) than the already efficient campaign that ran at the same time.

  • Client: Bank Cler
  • Lead Agency: Home Zurich
  • Other agency: phd Media Switzerland

2nd Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund: "M-Budget Mobile - No one needs more subscription" (Category: Activation) 

Innovative and unique - M-Budget-Mobile is the first mobile operator to reward low usage. Unused data is converted into Cumulus points. This proves the new attitude "No one needs more subscriptions" directly via the product. No empty advertising promise. Effective and efficient - The objectives are clearly exceeded. M-Budget Mobile extends its lead over the competition in terms of awareness (with a smaller budget) and successfully anchors the core message "You get Cumulus points for unused data" with consumers. Most importantly, subscriptions increased by +28% year-on-year.

  • Client: Federation of Migros Cooperatives
  • Lead Agency: Wirz Communications, Zurich
  • Other agencies/companies: Plan B, Zurich / Sebahat Film + Foto

Bank Cler is joining the race for the Grand Effie - the award for the one "outstanding" best case - after the Women's Center and Migros, which has now won gold twice. Now it's up to the Grand Effie jury - the prize will only be awarded exclusively at the digital award ceremony on June 30 if the decision is unanimous.

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