Best of Content Marketing 2019: Swiss agencies with record results

Swiss agencies and clients can report record results at the 2019 BCM Awards.


Successful with Coop Hello Family: Dreifive.


55 times gold, 165 times silver: At the Best of Content Marketing (BCM), Europe's largest award for content marketing, the Content Marketing Forum (CMF) presented the BCM Awards. 55 award winners from all over Europe were delighted to receive the BCM steel and concrete cubes on the stage of the Hamburg Cruise Center Altona, including six outstanding works from Switzerland. Sixteen Swiss agencies and clients were nominated for the coveted silver awards. Both are record figures from a Swiss perspective. The organizer is the Content Marketing Forum (CMF), the business association of leading content service providers in German-speaking countries with offshoots in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The following Swiss projects, agencies and clients received a gold award:

Gomagazine: Agency: Basel West Corporate Communications; Client: IVCG Publications

Mission Nemo: Agency: Swisscontent; Client: Comet Group

My Switzerland: Upgrade your Winter; Agency: Mainland; Client: Switzerland Tourism

Social Media Coop Hello Family: Dreifive (Switzerland); Client: Coop Genossenschaft

Swisslife: Agency: Mediaform Chistoph Grenacher and Festland; Client: Swiss Life Switzerland

What About You: Agency and client: Crafft Kommunikation


At the magazine MySwitzerlandThe magazine, which is produced in close collaboration with the Switzerland Tourism content team, makes full use of the possibilities of magazine design. The jury's verdict: "The award goes to individual and authentic content, a varied and lively magazine. Elaborately prepared sidestories, info-graphics and maps, a careful handling of the typography and a lot of attention to detail ensure inspiration and fun reading here, great format in the hand."

The magazine Swisslife is managed in-house by a chief editor and, following a complete overhaul last fall, pursues strategic content marketing by consistently strengthening its brand positioning. The relaunch focused on strengthening and expanding the analog/digital lead function in the print and digital channels and anticipating changing usage habits. The magazine's mono theme through personalized focus topics and the strengthening of channel suitability through access to diverse shareable content ensures higher reach by having all channels (own media / social media / paid media / viral stories) contribute to performance. In addition, the magazine content also feeds into the company's new "Life Stories" blog. The customer magazine Swisslife, overseen by Mediaform/Christoph Grenacher as project manager and designed by the communications agency Festland, is sent out three times a year in a print run of 120,000 copies in the target languages German, French and Italian; a further 60,000 or so addressees receive a personalized digital newsletter with online-friendly content.

With their strategic approach as well as the campaigns, Marleen Albert, Head of Social Media at Dreifive, and her team have been setting new standards since 2017 at Hello Family on visual storytelling, closeness through Swissness, infotainment and, above all, channel-specific content, always suited to the target group. Colorful and cheerful, like the Hello Family brand, they address target-group-specific topics with high relevance and thus enter into a close and personal dialog with users. Through an exciting content mix, users are picked up and emotionally addressed. With this strategy, Dreifive has built up an active Facebook community and positioned Hello Family as a strong partner for families. Marcel Oppliger, Managing Director at Dreifive, is delighted: "In today's world, people are literally inundated with advertising, which is why content marketing is becoming increasingly important. Because nothing else puts the user with his needs so much at the center. We create exciting and emotional content - content that interests people. That's why the award makes us particularly proud, because it shows that we're focusing on exactly the right things." "We started with social media just over two years ago. With the right strategy, we have already been able to build a large community on Facebook and enter into direct dialog with our customers. With this communication channel, the Hello Family brand is even closer to the customers and thus even more tangible," says Saara Jeisy, Campaign & Social Media Manager at Coop Hello Family.

Gomagazine: It is published by the IVCG International Association of Christian Business People. It aims to show business, political, scientific and cultural leaders that Christian values are important guiding principles in the business world as well as in society. The magazine features leaders who want to inspire reflection. It sets a counterpoint to the hectic world of business, comes across as visually calm but of high quality, and goes into depth in terms of content. In each issue, a key topic is examined from different angles. Editorially, each issue is new territory, which is why fixed sections are largely absent. Long reports, interviews and photo spreads aim to stand out in the fast-moving online news world. A fresh, cultivated language wants to strike a chord with the readership. In the midst of the flood of information from all channels, gomagazin wants to convey a sense of visual calm and tidiness and put the exclusive photographs and illustrations in the right light. The design and scope of gomagazin signal that it is not short fodder, but rather concentrated food. The magazine can be subscribed to and is available at newsstands, airports and hotels in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

With the "Mission Nemo" the Comet Group has embarked on the journey into the digital future of the company together with its employees around the world. The mission is to make topics such as artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, robotics, Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality and many more tangible. The cross-channel and interlocking communication strategy engages employees in the journey every two months via a new campaign. At the heart of the activities with the unifying idea of Mission Nemo are the shared experiences that employees have on the road to the future. To stimulate employees' creativity, the company has developed its own visual world. Various figures and symbols form the framework. They have their own identity, tell stories and are brought to life via augmented and virtual reality. In this way, they are a mouthpiece and integrating element between management and employees. The visible result is concrete implementation measures that employees develop in creative processes. In the end, they form the basis for the ongoing further development of digitization in the Comet Group.

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