"There are more important things than the communications industry"

Petra Dreyfus, the new "Advertiser of the Year," in an interview.


Werbewoche: Congratulations on winning the title of "Advertiser of the Year. What does this recognition from the jury and readers mean to you personally?

Petra Dreyfus: Thank you so much! I feel honored. The title is a great recognition of Wirz's work.


When the nomination was announced, did you expect the title to go to the Wirz management again in 2019 - or did you see last year's win by Livio Dainese more as a disadvantage?

No, I honestly didn't expect us to win the title twice in a row.


Why would the other two nominees have deserved the title as well?

Both are outstanding communications professionals and run their agencies accordingly successfully.


How do you celebrate the title?

With my family. And with the agency, of course.


What can your co-CEO Livio Dainese do better than you - apart from creative thinking?



What talent would you like to have?

I like to play tennis, so sometimes a little ball feel would come in handy.


What are your biggest vices?

Gummy bears and chocolate.


What are you most proud of?

To my two sons.


What upsets you?



In the more than 40 years that the title has been awarded, you are only the eighth woman to win. Do you think there will be more "Women Advertisers of the Year" in the future?

I am convinced of that. At Wirz, there are already a few candidates waiting in the wings.


Since gender issues are more topical than ever, as a successful industry representative you probably haven't been asked about them the last time. Does the topic also get on your nerves at some point?

As long as it's not the only topic I'm asked about, that's perfectly fine. But of course it would be at least as important to ask the men about it as well.


Does the public have an outdated or inaccurate view of this industry?

Does the public have an image of us? I don't think we should overestimate ourselves. There are more important things than the communications industry.


What conclusion would you like to be able to draw at the end of your year in office in April 2020?

We have a shortage of young talent. If during this year I can persuade one or two more talents to choose our industry, that would be a success.

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