"Advertiser of the Year" 2019: These are the nominees

The jury of experts has decided: The nominees for "Advertiser of the Year" and "Advertiser of the Year" are Roman Geiser, Farner Consulting, David Schärer, Rod Kommunikation, and Petra Dreyfus, Wirz Communications.


The die is cast: The top-class "Advertiser of the Year" jury has met and this year is sending a lot of competence, strategic cleverness and entrepreneurial know-how into the race for the most important personal award in the Swiss advertising and communications industry. Petra Dreyfus, Co-CEO and COO of Wirz Communications, Roman Geiser, CEO and Managing Partner of Farner Consulting and David Schärer, founding partner of Rod Kommunikation. All three are broadly networked and shape the development of a changing communications world in their various commitments to the industry - for example, on the LSA board or as lecturers.


We present all three nominees in detail:

Petra Dreyfus

Roman Geiser

David Schärer


The election procedure:

Also this year, the decision is made up of two factors, each accounting for 50 percent: the jury vote (each member 1 vote) and the election of the Advertising Week-readership (online voting, each newsletter subscription 1 vote).

The online election will take place in the coming week. All subscribers to the MK Werbewoche Expodata newsletter are eligible to participate. We will inform you about all details in the newsletter and on Werbewoche.ch.


The expert jury:

The expert jury, which met in Zurich on February 25, is made up this year of former Advertisers of the Year, last year's nominees, as well as representatives from French-speaking Switzerland and, for the first time, from academia and the media.

This year formed the physically meeting jury, which made the nomination decision:

  • Livio Dainese, Wirz
  • Dennis Lück, Jung von Matt/Limmat
  • Thomas Wildberger, Publicis
  • Alexander Jaggy, Thjnk Zurich
  • Regula Bührer Fecker, Rod Communication
  • Gabriel Maron, Havas Genève
  • Urs Schneider, Mediaschneider
  • Michael Kamm, Agence Trio
  • Daniel Zuberbühler, Sir Mary
  • Heike Rawitzer, ZHAW
  • Anja Janoschka, HSLU
  • Peter Brönnimann, Publicis
  • Franz Fischlin, SRF

Not present but eligible to vote: Nadine Borter, Pascal Deville, Kind regards, Contexta; Curdin Janett, Fromage Mauerhofer


School atmosphere at the jury meeting: In the classroom of the Zurich School of Design there was not only a blackboard, but also a recess bell.

The award:

The "Advertiser of the Year" will be crowned on April 17 at the Samsung Hall Zurich as part of the Best of Swiss Web Award Night. Since 2018, the "Werber des Jahres" award has been docked to Switzerland's most important digital award and will be presented in front of around 1,000 guests in the form of the Egon statue. Tickets for the event are available at Bestofswissweb.ch.

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