Thjnk Zurich, Jung von Matt/Limmat and TBWA\Zurich are pleased with LIA successes

At this year's London International Awards, Thjnk Zurich secures two gold and two silver statues. Jung von Matt/Limmat wins silver and twice bronze. TBWA\Zurich takes bronze.


Great success for Thjnk Zurich at the London International Awards. The film "Everyone is equal. Niemand ist gleicher." for Pro Infirmis, which was awarded gold at the Edi.18 on Thursday evening, won four precious metals. Gold in the categories "Direction" and "Editing", silver in the categories "TV/Cinema/Online Films" and "Music & Sound Design". In addition, there is a finalist placement in the category "Social Responsibility/Awareness".

In the category "Design - Direct Marketing" Jung von Matt/Limmat wins silver with the campaign "The Newspaper Design Edition" for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Bronze was awarded in the category "Design - Branded Content". The campaign has already secured a Silver Lion in Cannes ( reported).

Jung von Matt/Limmat also won bronze in the "Digital - Travel" category with the photography ban for Graubünden Ferien. The controversial campaign, which made Bergün famous far beyond the Swiss borders, also made it onto the shortlist in the category "Digital - Viral" and "The New - Brand Action".

TBWA\Zurich can also rejoice: the McDonald's campaign "50 Years of Big Mac" wins bronze in the category "Poster: Art Direction Campaign". At the same time, the agency was shortlisted in the categories "Design: Art Direction Campaign", "Design: Poster Campaign" and "Design: Use of Illustration Campaign". (hae)

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