Double bronze for Switzerland at the Max Award in Berlin

On Friday, the Max Award ceremony took place in Berlin, where the 30 best dialog marketing works from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were honored. The Agentur am Flughafen and Wirz Activation each won a bronze award.


Thereby the success of "Ufenes Cüpli bi Wehrles" of the East Swiss agency at the airport for their client Domus Leuchten und Möbel went into the next round. After already five national and internationally won honors there was with the German dialogue marketing price a further Troph?e for the project which forms today the basis of all marketing activities of the over 40 year old sankt Gallen furniture house.

The second bronze award went to Wirz Activation with Switzerland's first underwater poster promoting an Oris diving watch. The guerrilla campaign caused quite a stir: with many posts on social media and diving blogs - but also with 0 percent wastage among the target group. And when the maritime police brought the "illegal" poster to light, many media outlets reported on it in detail.

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