5 x gold, 3 x silver, 11 x bronze: LSA awards 19 Effies

On Tuesday evening, Leading Swiss Agencies presented the Swiss Effie Awards for the 17th time. Gold goes to Contexta, Hotz'n'Plotz, Rod, Wirz and Notch.


On Tuesday evening, May 15, 2018, the Swiss Effie Awards were presented for the 17th time at TPC/Television Studio 1 in Zurich. Gold, silver and bronze were awarded in 12 categories respectively. The categories "Media" and "Brand Campaign" as well as the special award "Influencer Campaign" were new. Five times gold, three times silver and eleven times bronze as well as 16 Effie diplomas went to the best communication campaigns of the last two years, with awards going to the communication and media agency as well as the client in each case. For the first time, a special award was also presented for the best influencer campaign.

After an exclusive opening by philosopher and publicist Ludwig Hasler, "Glanz&Gloria" presenter Nicole Berchtold led the way through the awards ceremony presented by Admeira and LSA. In front of around 400 guests, there were five golds to applaud for Mini-Migros (Brand Experience category), Kids by Vögele Shoes (Activation), CSS Fall Campaign (Media), Die Mobiliar (Evergreen) and Love Life (Comeback).

The special award for the most successful influencer campaign went to the Microsoft Influencer Campaign 2017.

Jung von Matt/Limmat and MediaCom with the most awards

The most awarded agencies after a total of 19 awards were Jung von Matt with six Effies and the Special Award, Notch Interactive, Rod Kommunikation and Wirz Communications with 2 Effies each. MediaCom is the media agency responsible for six winning campaigns. Migros is the most successful client in the competition, winning three Effies.

The Swiss Effie was held for the second time in the revised version (categorization by task and not by industry as in the past). Two new categories (Media and Brand Partnerships), a further increase in the quality of the judging process, and a newly introduced special annual prize impressively underscore the fact that the Effie is constantly evolving.


"Despite, or perhaps because of, the overhaul, the Effie has always enjoyed a high level of credibility and popularity. Agencies, clients and media houses sent 75 consistently high-quality works into the running this year. We can proudly say that the Effie is more up-to-date than ever.

The quality of the submissions has been steadily increasing for years, according to the communication. Both in terms of preparation and in terms of the actual quality of the work. We can only speculate about the reasons for this. However, we are very pleased and confirmed by this development," sums up Roman Hirsbrunner, LSA President 2016-2018 and member of the Swiss Effie Management 2018.

"The value chain for successful campaigns starts with creative ideas. With a cross-media plan and the right timing, we gain the attention of consumers and achieve the desired efficiency and effectiveness," Bertrand Jungo, CEO of Admeira, is convinced. Admeira's commitment underlines the good and future-oriented cooperation with the LSA.

Swiss Effie Awards 2018 Award Winners
Award Campaign Client Agency Media agency Category
Gold Kids by Vögele Shoes Karl Vögele, Uznach Contexta, Bern Mediaschneider Bern, Bern Activation
Gold Mini Migros: Fascinating Brand Land for the Youngest Migros Children Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Zurich Hotz'n'Plotz, Zurich Brand Experience
Gold LOVE LIFE Federal Office of Public Health FOPH, Bern Rod Communication, Zurich Mediaschneider, Zurich Comeback
Gold "Whatever comes" Swiss Mobiliar Wirz Communications, Zurich Mediaschneider, Zurich Evergreen
Gold CSS Autumn campaign CSS Insurance, Lucerne Notch Interactive, Zurich MediaCom Switzerland, Zurich Media
Silver Grisons 2016 - Village phone Grisons vacations, Chur Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich Jung von Matt/impact, Zurich Activation
Silver Emmi Lucerne - The creamy mild Emmi Switzerland, Lucerne Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich MediaCom Switzerland, Zurich Brand Campaign
Silver TCS - Mobility Campaign 2017 Touring Club Switzerland, Schönbühl Jung von Matt / Limmat, Zurich Netzeffekt, Munich; Mediatonic, Geneva; Yourposition, Zurich Comeback
Bronze CSS Autumn campaign CSS Insurance, Lucerne Notch Interactive, Zurich MediaCom Switzerland, Zurich Activation
Bronze melectronics - Brand Campaign "The best in the world for me". Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Zurich Wirz Communications, Zurich OMD, Zurich Brand Campaign
Bronze NOVOTEL - ROOM67 AccorHotels Switzerland, Crissier Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich Brand Experience
Bronze Commitment Theodora Foundation Helsana AG, Dübendorf FCB Zurich, Zurich Konnex AG, Winterthur Brand Partnerships
Bronze #GotThePower Emmi Switzerland AG, Lucerne Ogilvy & Mather, Zurich MediaCom Switzerland AG, Zurich Comeback
Bronze Grisons 2017 - Hearty ban on photography Grisons vacations, Chur Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich Jung von Matt/impact, Zurich Content Hero
Bronze FOOBY Launch Content Coop, Basel VIRTUE Switzerland, Zurich Content Hero
Bronze MADE VISIBLE Touring Club Switzerland TCS, Vernier Farner Consulting AG, Zurich/Bern mediatonic sa, Geneva Doing Good
Bronze Swiss Life - 50+ Performance Swiss Life, Zurich Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich Jung von Matt/impact, Zurich Media
Bronze Credit Suisse | Launch "Viva Kids / Digipigi Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Zurich Rod Communication, Zurich MediaCom Switzerland, Zurich New New
Bronze Migusto - The Migros cooking club Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Zurich Advico Y&R, Zurich / Process, Zurich OMD, Zurich New New
Diploma "Bell. The BBQ for doers" campaign Bell Food Group, Basel Contexta, Bern ZipMedia GmbH, Zurich Activation
Diploma Coop "Chli stinke muess es" campaign Coop Cooperative, Basel Contexta, Bern TWMedia, Basel Activation
Diploma Coop Grill Campaign "Jetz isch Tsch-Tsch" Coop Cooperative, Basel Contexta, Bern TWMedia, Basel Activation
Diploma Denner #too expensive Denner AG, Zurich Rod Communication, Zurich JBW Media, Kilchberg Activation
Diploma UBS Star Manager UBS Switzerland, Zurich Equipe, Zurich SYZYGY and Publicis Media Switzerland Activation
Diploma "Nöd Jufle" Schützengarten Brewery, St. Gallen Butcher Rottmann Bürge, Erlenbach / Zurich Comeback
Diploma Relaunch Valaisanne - We make beer Feldschlösschen Beverages Contexta, Bern Mediaschneider, Bern Comeback
Diploma Vögele Shoes Comeback Campaign Karl Vögele, Uznach Contexta, Bern Mediaschneider, Bern Comeback
Diploma Swisscom TV 2.0 Playoff Hack Swisscom (Switzerland), Berne Republica, Bern Content Hero
Diploma Valais/Wallis Promotion: Yodel viral hit Valais/Wallis Promotion Public law, Sion Contexta, Bern Mediaschneider Bern, Bern Content Hero
Diploma CSS Insurance. Very personal. CSS Insurance, Lucerne Contexta, Bern Mediaschneider Bern, Bern Evergreen
Diploma ZKO "Great feelings Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Zurich Havas AG, Zurich Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Zurich Evergreen
Diploma Dynamically individualized Audi dealer campaign AMAG Import / Audi Y&R Group Switzerland, Zurich MediaCom Switzerland, Zurich Media
Diploma Helsana+ Plus Points for Life Helsana, Dübendorf Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich; Apps with love, Bern New New
Diploma PostFinance Benefit PostFinance, Berne Y&R Group Switzerland, Zurich Havas Media Switzerland, Zurich / Webrepublic, Zurich New New
Diploma Time to talk about money. Bank Cler Home Zurich OMD, Zurich New New
Source: LSA

About the Effie Award

Founded over 40 years ago by the American Marketing Association, the Effie is currently awarded in over 40 countries. It is the only award that recognizes the effectiveness of marketing communications. In Switzerland, the Swiss Effie Award has been held since 1985. Because the effectiveness and efficiency of a campaign are also evaluated, it clearly differs from other advertising awards, which usually only honor creativity. Efficiency" measures the cost-benefit factor, "effectiveness" the success of a campaign in relation to the defined goals.

The Swiss Effie Award is part of the creative ranking of Werbewoche.

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