Laudatory speech for the new "Advertiser of the Year

The keynote address by last year's winner Dennis Lueck, delivered at the awards ceremony on April 12, 2018.


"Dear colleagues in the industry, even the title is wrong. There will not be one laudation, but three.

The "Advertiser of the Year" event will be awarded for the first time this year under the banner of "Best of Swiss Web". "Best of Swiss Werber" and "Best of Swiss Web" are now doing things together. This is refreshing, appropriate and timely. After all, the advertising and web industries live together in a commune. And as it is in a shared flat: you don't always see everything the same way, you sometimes do things without each other, but you live and eat in the same place. We share the same interests - keyword digital transformation - and every now and then we steal each other's yoghurt. Everything as it should be. And at the "BOSW Award Night", it's precisely this flatmate who celebrates together. Today we're all gathered here in the living room, honouring and celebrating all the winners of the evening. There is no better way to express the convergence of our industries. The three nominees also represent this convergence. For good things to come together.

I may now congratulate not only the new Advertiser of the Year, but also the fellow nominees. Dear Daniel, dear crew of Sir Mary! You guys have a lot of good things coming together too. Daniel and his team have managed to merge advertising, web, agenda setting and creativity. Sir Mary has definitely developed its own signature within a very short time. You certainly played a big part in that. I congratulate you, dear Daniel, on leading a team that understands, combines and lives creativity and digitalisation.

Dear Pascal, dear team of Friendly Greetings! A few days ago I was sitting in a jury and I made a very strong case for a work that was shown. Fair Jordan. Only afterwards did I see that it came from your pen. Another moment when you caught me positively. Congratulations to you, dear Pascal, for leading a team that continues to produce fine and digitally-driven strokes of genius.

Dear Livio, hats off, chapeau, respect! You are the new reigning "Advertiser of the Year". Congratulations! On your third nomination, you've finally made it. As I and all your constituents think: Just in time, as the past year has been a strong one for you and your team at Wirz Communications. You captured Swiss hearts with the Christmas Santa Clauses, you inspired people to rethink with the "uncozy truth", and you made the Swedish-Swiss marketing department dream with the Sleep Concert. Under your leadership, popular, clever, classic, not classic at all - and above all: effective things were created. That deserves the respect of all of us. I personally know that you have fought tirelessly for good communication over the past years. I know how committed you are not only to your agency, but also to our industry. That's why I'm delighted to pass on the sceptre, the title, the honour and also the duties as "Advertiser of the Year" to you.

Today you're the hero in our beautiful industry commune. Let's celebrate."


Dennis Lück is Chief Creative Officer of Jung von Matt/Limmat and "Advertiser of the Year" 2017. At the award ceremony, the previous year's winner traditionally gives a laudatory speech to his or her successor.

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