"The Egon is an award for our team and belongs to all of us."

Livio Dainese is the newly crowned "Advertiser of the Year". As usual, he answers the questions of Werbewoche briefly, succinctly and pointedly.


Werbewoche: Congratulations on your title - how does it feel to be the newly crowned "Advertiser of the Year"?

Livio Dainese: It's like fresh cream.

You've been nominated three times in a row - what do you think tipped the scales this year?

We've been doing good work on our clients for years. This year it was probably a little better.

What would you like to use the year for as a title holder?

It certainly doesn't hurt to show people here and there that advertising is a very complex and decent profession.

Where are you putting the Egon?

He goes in the Wirz. That's where he belongs. He is an award for our team and belongs to all of us.


Why would the other two nominees have deserved the title in your eyes as well?

Daniel has set up a good shop with Sir Mary. Pascal can always come up with surprising ideas. And they're both really good guys. That's important too.

What percentage co-CEO are you, what percentage CCO?


Why do you do the double role to yourself?

Because I like being able to shape Wirz not only creatively but also as CEO.

What can your co-manager Petra Dreyfus do better than you?


What are you proud of?

To my jacks.

What's bugging you?

My jacks.

What is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you in advertising?

Any really good work is each the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in advertising.

Your biggest vice?

Bike accessories.

What talent would you like to have?


What three qualities characterize a good advertiser?

Inventiveness. Persistence. Perfectionism.

What else would you like to achieve in your career?

I'd like an agency sheep.

Interview: Advertising Week

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