BOSW: The winners of the IAB categories now qualify for Cannes

The previous IAB categories "Performance" and "Branding" have been fundamentally revised and are now called "Data & Technology driven Campaigns" and "Digital Media Campaigns". The respective winner now qualifies directly for submission to Cannes Lions. Best of Swiss Web and the IAB Switzerland Association (IAB) are now working together with Leadings Swiss Agencies (LSA) in these two categories.


The restructuring of the two categories includes the award criteria, the judging points as well as the equivalent value for the winners. This is because the two category winners will qualify directly for submission to Cannes Lions. The submission fee for the winners is sponsored by the IAB and the LSA. A council of experts from the two associations will also guide the winners of the new categories in making the right submission for Cannes and organise a workshop to prepare the case adaptations. This will ensure that the best possible conditions are created for successful Cannes participation.

The details of the two new Best of Swiss Web categories of the IAB and the LSA will be as follows:

Data & Technology driven Campaigns (Cyber Selection)

In this category, campaigns are assessed that are essentially characterized by the use of technological factors and data. In particular, the focus is on the interaction of generated or existing data, the corresponding technology for controlling the advertising and the achievement of targets.

Digital Media Campaigns (Cyber Selection)

In this category, the interplay between the creative idea, the media performance and the use of funds of the submitted campaigns is judged. Budget sizes or brand do not play a decisive role. Much more important is the existing creative performance in conjunction with effective media excellence. What counts here in particular is the handling of the objective, the end result and the degree of innovation.

The jury's most important assessment criteria for the two new categories are posted on the Best of Swiss Web website. Likewise you can find submit projects by 22 January 2018. The awards ceremony will take place at the big awards gala on 12 April 2018 at the Samsung Hall in Zurich Stettbach. As of 2018, the "Werber des Jahres" (Advertiser of the Year) of Werbewoche will also be chosen and the Crossmedia Award from Goldbach will be presented at the gala.

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