"Advertiser of the Year" docks at "Best of Swiss Web" Award Night

In the future, Werbewoche will present its traditional and prestigious communication award "Advertiser of the Year" as part of the "Best of Swiss Web" Award Night. This cooperation reflects the development of the communications and advertising industry, in which digitization is no longer just a sub-discipline, but spans everything. Creative and digital are growing together.


When Swiss web service providers meet with advertising and communications agencies each spring for the "Best of Swiss Web" Award Night, in future the "Egon" will also be on board, the trophy that honors the "Advertiser of the Year". The "Egon" is the only award for a representative and charismatic advertising personality in Switzerland.

Werbewoche, which has been presenting the award since 1977, is responding to the digital transformation in the communications industry: Media users have long given digital channels preference over traditional media. Migrating with them, albeit at a more leisurely pace, is advertising, which nevertheless still has to play on both fields: classic and digital, closely interlinked if possible. More and more young, creative minds are looking for a way into digital and sounding out the new possibilities - and the creative industry still needs lateral-thinking young talent. The teaming up of "Advertiser of the Year" and "Best of Swiss Web" takes these developments into account.

"I am very much looking forward to working with the 'Best of Swiss Web' team," says Werbewoche Editor-in-Chief Anne-Friederike Heinrich. "I'm convinced that together we can create an event that is an integral part of the agenda of communications experts in Switzerland."

The two managing directors of Best of Swiss Web GmbH, Claudio Dionisio and Heinrich Meyer, warmly welcome the "Egon" and the "Advertiser of the Year" jury: "The reputation and attitude behind the award are a perfect fit for 'Best of Swiss Web'. Networking at the Award Night and Jury Day will thus be even more exciting in the future."

Make a note of it now: 18th "Best of Swiss Web" Award Night with presentation of the "Advertiser of the Year" on April 12, 2018 from 5 p.m. at Samsung Hall in Zurich.

Anne-Friederike Heinrich / Martin Matt


Background "Advertiser of the Year

Werbewoche has been selecting the "Advertiser of the Year" since 1977, and since 2001 the winner has received the "Egon" designed by Zurich artist Max Grüter. In a jury meeting, the 14-member "Werber des Jahres" jury determines the maximum of six nominees for the "Werber of the Year" award. The jury is made up of the last eight "Advertisers of the Year", four young creatives and two representatives from Western Switzerland.

Inquiries "Advertiser of the Year":Anne-Friederike Heinrich, Editor-in-Chief Werbewoche, Tel. +41 44 250 28 29, f.heinrich@werbewoche.ch

Background "Best of Swiss Web

"Best of Swiss Web" was founded in 2001 and is an initiative of simsa (Swiss Internet Industry Association) and Netzmedien AG, the leading trade media company for ICT, web, telecommunications and consumer electronics in Switzerland. The aim of "Best of Swiss Web" is to promote transparency and quality standards in the Swiss Web and ICT industry and to offer attractive networking opportunities. The core theme of "Best of Swiss Web" is the use of web and mobile technologies. At the annual awards ceremony, the winners of "Best of Swiss Web" meet with key clients and contractors to celebrate and network.

Queries "Best of Swiss Web": Claudio Dionisio, Member of the Executive Board Best of Swiss Web GmbH, Tel. +41 76 557 77 00, claudio@dionisio.ch; Dr. Heinrich Meyer, Member of the Executive Board Best of Swiss Web GmbH, Tel. +41 44 355 63 31, Heinrich.Meyer@netzmedien.ch

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