Fabrikant/JWT wins the Digital Communication Award for Mazda Switzerland

Fabrikant/JWT and Mazda win the European Digital Communication Award 2017 in Berlin with "Mazda Speed Dating". The campaign developed by the digital communication agency wins the race in the "Brand Relationship" category.


The digital 360-degree campaign realized by the communications specialists at Fabrikant/JWT sets a new standard in this category, in which Fabrikant/JWT "understands experiential marketing as a strategic pillar of the marketing mix. People should be given an experience with the brand that goes further than advertising can. "With the Mazda brand, we consciously deviate from convention and thus create positive and lasting memories," says Matthias Walker, Marketing Director of Mazda (Suisse).

According to the press release, winning the Digital Communication Award underlines the innovative power of the project. Usually, the focus on a first date is on the frontal sitting position. But this is precisely where the problem lies: frontal communication with an unknown counterpart can provoke unwanted defense mechanisms, regardless of the sympathy factor. As a result, more first dates fail than is actually necessary. Psychologists speak of a real first date fail. Mazda has tackled precisely this problem.

Mazda Speed Dating offers singles the chance to get to know their future partner under ideal conditions in order to make the first meeting better, away from anonymous online dating. The results show: Many participants have found a new partner and Mazda new Brand Lovers.


The Digital Communication Award has been awarded by the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin since 2011. The prestigious award recognizes outstanding projects and campaigns by companies in the field of digital communication. This year, 109 projects and campaigns in 40 categories are competing for an award as an outstanding example of digital communication. In total, more than 750 applications were received from 31 countries. The winners were honored after a live pitch in front of the jury on the evening of September 29 in Berlin.

Responsible at Mazda: Matthias Walker (Marketing Director), Anne Thorens (Manager Communication & Events), Giuseppe Loffredo (PR Director), Valentine Volery (Communication & Motor Shows Specialist), Nathalie Gantner (Communication Coordinator). Responsible at JWT/Fabrikant: Remy Fabrikant (CEO), Rainer Bühler (Strategic Planning), Jochen Hennecke (Client Service Director), Fery Elghol (Sen. Account Director), Britta Hartleb, Pascal Kuptz (Digital Director), Sebastian Krayer, Marietta Albinus, Rahel Nemitz, Martin Bettler, Cagdas Cakmaktas (Art Direction), Peter Brönnimann, Beat Egger (Concept/Text), Bernhard Vögele (Desktop Publishing), Daniela Berther (FFF Producer). Music production: Sonic Supertonic. Film production: Onfilm, Boutiq, Hintenlinks, FableFX (Postproduction). Image Production: FluxIf. Media: Mindshare. Web: Dotpulse. PR: Open-Up. Promotion/Roadshow: Premotion. Translation/Editing: CB Service.

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