TV entrepreneur Dominik Kaiser is Swiss Media Manager of the Year

A jury of the media trade journal Schweizer Journalist has chosen the founder and CEO of 3 Plus Group, Dominik Kaiser, as Media Manager of the Year 2017.


"Unlike other successful Swiss media managers, Dominik Kaiser has not further developed an existing media market, but has built up a new market with 3+, 4+ and 5+, writes Editor-in-Chief Kurt Zimmermann in the current issue of the Swiss journalistwhich was published today.

The industry magazine has been honoring exceptional personalities in Swiss media management for twelve years. Most recently in 2016, Christoph Tonini of Tamedia, and before that Marcel Kohler of 20 Minuten (2015) and Michael Ringier (2014). In 2017, a jury of managers, editors-in-chief and advertisers chose TV entrepreneur Dominik Kaiser as "Media Manager of the Year." With nine percent reach in the prime-time advertising-relevant target group, Kaiser's broadcasting group is now the largest private TV provider in Switzerland. This is notable for a high proportion of in-house productions, which in turn achieve impressive market shares among younger target groups.

Kaiser is the first media manager to be honored who has nothing to do with newspapers and is virtually emblematic of media change, explains the jury. Dominik Kaiser is delighted to receive the award, but sees it primarily as recognition of a team effort over the past eleven years: "Entertainment television is still underestimated in Switzerland in terms of importance, reach and impact. We've invested step by step and sustainably in Swiss programs and thus become a relevant mass medium. It's nice that a jury made up of renowned experts appreciates this."

On the 2017 shortlist of the Swiss journalist were a total of twelve names. The jury put Rolf Bollmann in second place. "A tireless newspaperman who made 20 Minuten great and is now expanding Blocher's new Anzeiger newspaper group," explains the Swiss journalist. In third place is Jürg Weber, Regional Media of the NZZ Group. "He delivers 60 percent of the profit of the entire NZZ house with the regional newspapers. He regularly restructures and rebuilds without making a lot of noise." (pd/hae)

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