Two gold bars at the Midas Award for UBS pension campaign by Publicis

The Midas Award in New York is the world's most important creative competition for advertising in the financial industry. This year, Publicis won two of the coveted gold bars for its UBS pension campaign.


Almost all well-known banks and financial service providers submit their work for the Midas Award in four different categories to be judged by renowned advertising and financial experts. In doing so, the jury follows strict guidelines, placing particular emphasis on factors such as relevance and efficiency.

This year, UBS was one of the big winners of the highly coveted precious metal bars. The pension campaign "Getting older starts earlier than you think" by Publicis convinced the jury several times over and won a gold bar in each of two categories.

The pension campaign was successful in almost all relevant creative and efficiency competitions worldwide within just one year, making it one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever for a financial services provider in Switzerland.

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