Best advertising and fashion photographers chosen

Michael Egloff in "Advertising" and Cyrill Matter in "Fashion" are the proud winners of the Swiss Photo Award 2016.


This was announced by the jury on Thursday evening in front of an illustrious audience at the Photobastei. The two winners will receive prize money of 5000 Swiss francs each. Their work and the other four best works in each category will be on display at the Photobastei in Zurich until September 25. Werbewoche is an award partner in the "Advertising" category.

Nominated were:


Judith Affolter, Berlin: Salt campaign

Michael Egloff, Zurich: Tulux Collection #16

Daniel Bolliger, Zurich/Los Angeles: My Enemy


Sven Bänziger, Zurich: Dreamwalker

Cyrill Matter, Zurich: Newton's Law

Giuliano Di Marco, Zurich: A Simple Girl

After a three-stage judging process, the jurors made their decision:

Michael Egloff from Zurich wins in the category advertising with the work Tulux Collection#16. The jury was particularly convinced by the implementation of the idea, which advertises luminaires, but does not implement the luminaire, but rather its effect of bringing light into the dark. Michael Egloff succeeds in brilliantly staging this effect in an architecturally simple environment. In the process, product and architectural photography merge into a convincing unity.


Cyrill Matter from Zurich wins in the category Fashion with his work Newton's Law. It was taken for the magazine Man of the World and is strongly oriented towards the great role model Helmut Newton. Cyrill Matter succeeds in reproducing the atmosphere very densely while bringing in a new freshness that makes the photographs stand out even in today's oversaturated times.


For the other photos of the awarded works, please follow the corresponding links.

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