Dachcom develops community platform for Labor Team

The Dachcom agency has developed a community platform for medical practice assistants for the Medizinlabor Labor team.

Labor Team is one of the five largest medical laboratories in Switzerland and is underpinning its commitment to the medical practice assistant profession with the new MyLab app. MPAs look after patients and are responsible for organizing, coordinating and processing orders for the laboratory. MyLab puts the focus squarely on the MPA and thus ensures straightforward communication.

Dachcom developed the MyLab brand, the associated app/platform and the target group-specific visual identity with new illustrations for the laboratory team. The agency also implemented communication measures such as advertisements, invitations, giveaways, publicity reports and social media measures.

Programmatic approach

The central strategic challenge was to deepen the hitherto selective commitment to the target group within the framework of MyLab with a programmatic approach. MyLab creates long-term trust among MPAs through knowledge transfer, offers, rewards and opportunities for exchange and networking.

The platform forms a community for MPAs and includes a series of events, a wide range of continuing education opportunities with courses and e-learning and a bonus program that rewards users for their active participation. Members can use the app to register for or cancel courses, network with colleagues, collect bonus points and check their current points balance under myPoints. The platform is complemented by the blog, which regularly provides users with interesting facts and news from the world of laboratory medicine.


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