Davos AI boot camp: four days of intensive training in prompting and AI strategy

Learning in the mountain summer: with the "Davos AI Bootcamp", the Swiss Text Academy Foundation is now offering a four-day intensive training course on the use of artificial intelligence. This is in partnership with the HWZ, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, and the Swiss Prompt Engineering Academy.

Why in Davos of all places? "One reason is that Davos is home to one of the leading international AI research institutes," says Christoph Soltmannowski, media spokesperson for the Text Academy Foundation.

This is the "Lab42.global", which was founded two years ago by the well-known brain researcher Pascal Kaufmann. The Text Academy was also the initiator and co-founder of Science City Davos in 2004, which represents the research and education location.

The "Davos AI Bootcamp" is aimed at experts and decision-makers from marketing, communication and journalism. Copywriters, editors, authors and managers learn the basics of new AI professions such as the AI writer.

AI writers write professional texts with the support of ChatGPT and other AI tools. These texts are used on all of the company's channels: On social media, in marketing or in dialog with customers. This training is also useful for journalists. Well-trained AI writers write texts faster and in better quality than was previously possible without ChatGPT. It also includes proofreading/editing with AI tools.

Subsidiary Swiss Prompt Engineering Academy

Exponents of the Text Academy have founded the "Swiss Prompt Engineering Academy" to bring traditional writing into the future world of artificial intelligence.

It offers new training courses for AI specialists such as AI Writer or "Prompt Creative Director" through to "Prompt Engineers". The Prompt Engineering Academy offers eight certificate courses, two diploma degrees and a master class title.

Davos AI boot camp with certificate completion

Those who wish can complete their training in Davos with the "AI Writer Certificate", which the Prompt Engineering Academy offers in its course portfolio.

In addition to AI writing, the Davos AI Bootcamp will also focus on "Strategic AI". This deals with questions such as: What do I want to achieve with the company thanks to "AI"? Where should the company develop with the possibilities of AI? Which AI tools are available or desirable? The head of the study is university professor Dr. Ivo Hajnal.

Intensive learning with a supporting program in the mountains

The DAVOS AI boot camp will take place from Wednesday August 7 to Saturday August 10, 2024 at the Design Hotel Grischa in Davos.

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