43 new communication specialists for the advertising industry

73 percent of candidates were successful in the 2024 federal examination for communication specialists, which is held annually by KS/CS Communication Switzerland.

The best graduates: Top left: Ferro Brandon, top right: Eliane Potterat; bottom left: Imloul Athmane, bottom right: Julie Matos-Strasser.

The results of this year's examinations for the Federal Certificate in Communication Specialists have been announced. The participants completed their examinations with the best average grade since the introduction of the federal examinations. For the first time, three female graduates represent Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Best grade point average

Over the past few months, the 43 new communication specialists have learned comprehensive skills to take on responsibility within the company and to plan and implement a wide range of communication measures in management positions. In addition to the high success rate (73% of participants passed throughout Switzerland), the highest average grade to date of 4.4 should also be mentioned. Previously, this was between 4.0 and 4.3. For the first time since the exam was introduced, three candidates from Ticino also took part in the exam.

The federal examinations for communication specialists are characterized in particular by their practical relevance. The participants solve a total of seven practical cases in the three main subjects of communication, media and production/realization: this year, they had to design a print plan, develop digital and analogue out-of-home campaigns, create a publicity report and develop an overall media mix for a luxury watch brand.

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