New "Quakkomm" communication school opens in Lucerne

The opening of "Quakkomm" was announced by red ducks in Central Switzerland. Jasmin Huwyler and Dominique Riedweg run the communication school.

Jasmin Huwyler and Dominique Riedweg jointly manage the new Quakkomm communication school. (Image: zVg.)

The red ducks were present at various locations in Central Switzerland. On screens in the city of Lucerne, on flyers, on social media, in the form of bathing ducks in letterboxes and on screens in VBL buses and at Lucerne railroad station. This is also where the new communication school behind the red duck holds its classes. The name Quakkomm is a combination of the words "Quak" and "communication", according to a press release.

The school offers a two-part course that culminates in diplomas in proofreading and editing. Various communication courses are also offered - for example on social media, video production and media work.

The school is run by Jasmin Huwyler and Dominique Riedweg. Huwyler is a qualified proofreader and copywriter with a federal certificate and is responsible for the technical side of things. As an industrial engineer, Riedweg takes care of the figures and supports the lecturers with his didactic knowledge as a vocational school teacher. The team is made up of various personalities with extensive expertise in their respective fields.

No competition for Maz & Co.

But does Lucerne - the home of the Maz Institute of Journalism and Communication - need another (communication) school? In the opinion of the sponsors, yes - but with a but. "We don't want to compete with the existing schools in the region," explains Riedweg. "Rather, we see our offer as a supplement. Our courses are very diverse. For specializations that we don't offer, we are happy to recommend other schools." Jasmin Huwyler adds: "New courses are being added all the time and we will continue to cover one or two niches in Central Switzerland."

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