MUM puts the arches in the foreground for "Im Viadukt"

In order to keep up with the times in terms of communication, the Basel agency Mona und Mateo has designed a new website for "Im Viadukt".

"Im Viadukt", located between Josefwiese and Primetower, is one of Zurich's hippest shopping and dining addresses. From sushi and bicycles to fashion and designer furniture - the stores in the arches offer a wide range of products and services.

The defining architecture of the location was used as the basis for the design of the foundation's new appearance. The arches are graphically interpreted and restaged according to the theme to be advertised. As part of the refresh, the website was also redesigned and implemented by the agency Mona und Mateo.

"The aim of the new image is to unify our brand in terms of communication. The diverse range of services offered by the tenants of 'Im Viadukt' should be better advertised and communicated. In Mona and Mateo, we have found the right agency for this task. Their creative appetite and networked thinking are just as much fun for us as the collaboration in day-to-day business," says Caroline Zinsli, center manager of "Im Viadukt".

In addition to the new website, the new image also features on posters, social media and other measures.

Responsible at the foundation for "Im Viadukt": Caroline Zinsli (Owner & Center Manager "Im Viadukt"), Rahel Huber (Real Estate Administrator). Responsible with Mona and Mateo: Nicola Peter, Luc Sohm, Boris Stoll, Hannah Mey, Tabea Ott, Otis Horiuchi, Mona Fluri, Mateo Sacchetti. Responsible at Prolog: Daniel Schneider.

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