Migros: Marketing with a focus on price and less on sustainability

Migros is currently reinventing itself. Under its new boss Mario Irminger, the company aims to become more profitable and competitive. In future, the focus will therefore increasingly be on low prices rather than sustainability.

"Sustainability will be given less space in traditional marketing; instead, we will increasingly emphasize our price advantages," said Migros Head of Sustainability Christopher Rohrer to the Sunday View (issue of 26.05.). In recent years, Migros has been a pioneer in climate and environmental issues. However, many of its competitors have now caught up with its sustainability efforts.

Migros, for example, set itself the goal of net zero by 2050 years ago. Today, however, various competitors also have this goal. "It therefore makes little sense to continue to play a pioneering role in this area," says Rohrer.

Migros' decision to forego "certain measures" in future could mean that it would no longer be allowed to call itself the "most sustainable retailer in the world". But that is something you have to live with. Migros will also partially abandon its high animal welfare standards in the future in favor of market share. "If we demand the same animal standards for imported meat as in Switzerland, for example, that sounds great. But if consumers then simply buy their imported meat from the competition because it's cheaper there, it won't help animal welfare at all - but Migros will lose market share," said Rohrer.

Maintaining sustainability targets

Despite all the changes in the organization, Migros is maintaining its sustainability goals. "However, we are no longer investing millions pointlessly in order to receive applause for popular but less efficient measures," explained Rohrer. Instead, the focus is increasingly on adjustments in the background that are "actually decisive for the carbon footprint".

It is not yet clear whether Migros' new sustainability course will also have an impact on current projects, such as the introduction of the Bio Bud on most Migros Bio own-brand products by the end of 2025. According to the Sunday View however, this goal is now under discussion again. The Bio Suisse association is accordingly concerned. Particularly in the case of imported products, certain Migros management members are wondering how sensible it is to spend millions on license fees for the organic bud in times of austerity measures. (SDA)

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