Bastian Baker becomes new Unicef ambassador

Singer Bastian Baker is the new face of Unicef and will be an ambassador for Switzerland and Liechtenstein from now on.

Bastian Baker has embarked on a new adventure: He will be the first ambassador from French-speaking Switzerland to work for Unicef Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With over a million albums sold and performances on renowned stages, Bastian Baker has proven that he can enchant audiences with his music.

Bastian Baker joins Stefanie Heinzmann, Tina Weirather, Anatole Taubman and Kurt Aeschbacher as the first publicly known personality from French-speaking Switzerland to become an ambassador for Unicef Switzerland and Liechtenstein for the well-being of children. On Saturday, the new ambassador gave his first speech at the Sternenwochen Award Ceremony in Zurich's Schauspielhaus theater and said: "As a musician, I have always believed that we have a voice that should be heard. But it's not just about singing on stage. I also want to use my voice and visibility to bring about change and support those who need our help the most. The appointment as an ambassador for Unicef Switzerland and Liechtenstein is therefore a significant opportunity for me to improve the lives of children, to stand up for their rights and to help shape a world in which every child has the chance to develop their full potential".


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