Lumina Health and KSA raise awareness of neuromedical diseases

With the new hospital magazine, the Kantonsspital Aarau KSA is raising awareness of brain health and the health of the spine and nervous system. The print magazine produced by Lumina Health is accompanied by articles on the KSA's digital channels.

In the latest hospital magazine, the KSA wants to show that neuromedicine is more than just a matter of the head. Diseases of the brain, nervous system and spine occur frequently. Last year, 1,294 people with a stroke, 315 with a slipped disc and 321 with a brain tumor were treated at the KSA. This makes it all the more important to raise awareness in the field of neuromedical diseases.

The topics of strokes, slipped discs, dementia and brain tumors are the focus of the new issue of the magazine. The clinical pictures are examined in detail through stories from those affected as well as well-founded, informative articles.

"The KSA magazine shows the diversity of neuromedicine and not only explains technical aspects, but also touches on an emotional level," explains Julien Buro, Head of Marketing and Communication at the KSA Group.

The latest edition of the magazine builds on previous editions and fills the existing sections with new topics. But there is also new content. In keeping with the theme, the current issue of the KSA magazine features a puzzle page with a competition for the first time, where readers can "brainstorm" for themselves.

The careful graphic design of the magazine supports the thematic focus with suitable illustrations in appealing, bright colors.

The content from the print magazine was also used in a digital version for the landing page prepared. Selected articles are also picked up again on social media thematically and in the graphic style of the magazine.

Responsible at the KSA Group: Julien Buro, Ralph Schröder, Claudia Morach, Johanna Häseli. Responsible at Lumina Health: Tarja Zingg (strategy, concept), Debi Balmer (design, animation), Tarja Zingg, Stefan Zingg (text). Photography: Phil Wenger. Google Ads: Click workshop.

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