Kunde & Co shows Samsung's commitment to the healthcare sector

Samsung Galaxy Tabs are used in a new form of treatment for Alzheimer's disease. With communicative measures, the agency Kunde & Co supports Samsung in positioning itself as a strong hardware partner for the healthcare industry.

According to estimates from 2020, around 30,400 people in Switzerland are newly diagnosed with dementia every year, 6% of them before the age of 65, 73% of whom are women. Experts currently assume that one in three men and one in two women can expect to develop dementia in the course of their lives. There is currently no drug or other form of treatment that can prevent, stop or cure Alzheimer's or any other form of dementia. Bottneuro, a spin-off from the University of Basel, wants to change this.

Bottneuro's therapeutic approach combines digital solutions with a non-invasive form of treatment to create a patient-specific therapy. Samsung Galaxy tablets are used as hardware. Bottneuro's treatment can be carried out at home or in a clinic using a personalized, 3D-printed headset and the tablet. The affected areas of the brain are stimulated externally using soft, injection-molded brush electrodes. 3D PET data provides precise information on which areas are affected. Although still in the development stage, the potential for this solution seems great.

As part of an offline and online case study, Kunde & Co shed light on the partnership between Samsung Switzerland and Bottneuro. This resulted in further measures such as a video, social media posts and informative newsletters to ensure an optimized overall experience. This comprehensive approach is intended to position Samsung as a top partner for the healthcare and technology sector.

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