Serviceplan Suisse designs slot car track for BMW

BMW has launched a competition among its retail partners to bring electromobility closer to a broad target group. Serviceplan Suisse designed the main prize: a BMW Customized Slotcar track, which is intended to make sustainable driving fun a playful experience for car fans of all ages.

In order to raise awareness of the benefits of emission-free driving among the customers of its retail partners, BMW Group Switzerland launched the "Joy Electrified Award", in which BMW Group dealers developed their own initiatives to promote electromobility in their region. For the winners, Serviceplan Suisse worked closely with BMW Group Switzerland to design an attractive and activating prize for use in the showroom.

The slot car track, specially designed for the BMW Group, is intended to provide electric driving fun for the whole family. The track is embedded in a landscape created by Aroma Productions, which includes 116 buildings, 87 trees, three rotating wind turbines and photovoltaic systems on roofs and hills. Visitors to the showroom can use the slot cars to recharge their batteries with electric driving pleasure and raise awareness of electromobility.

The slot car track was used in the showrooms of the three winning BMW partners Sepp Fässler, Felix Emmenegger and Hedin Automotive Dielsdorf.

Responsible at the House of Communication Zurich: Carina Kienzle (Art Direction), Kelsang Gope (Text), Thomas Lüber (Creative Direction); Sarah Mager, Sabri Abidi (Account Direction), Andrea Staub, Audrey Isaak (Group Account Direction); Carmen Aebischer (Production Management); Raul Serrat (COO), Nathalie Diethelm (CEO).

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