Commitment and stable development at ZPRG

The Zurich Public Relations Society ZPRG held its 38th Annual General Meeting on Monday at the Swiss Life Arena in Zurich. The members confirmed the chairmanship and the members of the Board of Directors who were standing for re-election. Raphael Bühler was dismissed from the Board.

The ZPRG Board on Monday in front of the Swiss Life Arena in Zurich-Altstetten: Dominik Allemann, Riccarda Engi, Roland Baumann, Katharina Krämer and Marie-Françoise Ruesch (from left to right). (Picture: zVg.)

At the 38th Annual General Meeting of the Zurich PR Association ZPRG on Monday, the numerous members present looked back on an exciting year for the association in 2023. The ZPRG organized a total of ten events on relevant specialist topics last year. The topics included diversity and inclusion, the revised Data Protection Act, corporate video and designing with artificial intelligence. The events are reportedly well attended and the networking is highly valued by members and their guests. In 2023, the ZPRG recorded a slight increase in membership in all categories.

Successful Communication Summit after Covid break

In cooperation with the Zurich Press Association ZPV, a Communication Summit on the topic of communication and trust was also held again in 2023 for the first time after the Covid break. In addition, the ComSumCast podcast has now established itself among communication experts. Six personalities from the fields of communication and business were interviewed by SRF presenter Reto Lipp in 2023.

Board member Raphael Bühler steps down

Raphael Bühler, CEO and partner of Bühler & Bühler, has been a member of the ZPRG Board since 2018. In his role, he organized numerous events and contributed to the further development of the ZPRG with his ideas, impulses and commitment. He has now stepped down from the Board as of yesterday's General Assembly. The Board members Roland Baumann, Katharina Krämer, Riccarda Engi and the Presidium with Vice President Marie-Françoise Ruesch and President Dominik Allemann were confirmed by the members of the General Assembly for a further year.

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