Luki Frieden lets arrogant director meet conscientious engineers

Luki Frieden produced a self-deprecating short film for B+D Ingenieure to mark the company's 40th anniversary. Nordland also developed a new CD and website for the company.

Cabaret artist Gerhard Tschan and Sandra Zellweger, who plays a production manager, welcomed the unsuspecting employees of B+D Ingenieure to the film studio for two days. Whilst the arrogant director doesn't think the engineers are glamorous enough and keeps drifting off topic, the production manager is careful not to let the production get out of hand.

The self-deprecating short film "The Director" was commissioned to mark the 40th anniversary of B+D Ingenieure, formerly Bührer + Dällenbach. The film was written and directed by Luki Frieden, who is a private friend of cabaret artist Gerhard Tschan and who placed great trust in B+D Ingenieure.

At the same time as the film, the Nordland agency also developed a new corporate design and a new website for B+D Ingenieure, which is active in the fields of engineering, construction, surveying and geomatics services.

Responsible at B+D Ingenieure: Christoph Würsten, Thomas Vogel (members of the Executive Board). Responsible at Fjord Film: Luki Frieden (screenplay, production, direction, editing), Timon Rupp (camera), Lukas Eggenschwiler (sound), Davide Greco (colorist). Responsible at Nordland: Peter Gärtl (CD), Stageone (Code).

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