Maybaum Film and BFU present good role models for safe cycling

The video series "Children on bikes" by the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU) focuses on good role models. Five videos with different educational content are intended to appeal to the widest possible target group in simple language.

In the video series, parents and caregivers learn how they can practise cycling with their children so that they can get through traffic safely. The videos also show why role models are so important. The concept was developed by Maybaum Film in collaboration with the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU), with the involvement of various partner organizations.

"The challenge with the project was to boil down a lot of important information about safe cycling to a crisp length and at the same time create an emotional component," explains Michel Frutig, Creative Director at Maybaum Film. "The idea of appealing to role models was the decisive element in the creative concept."

The video series has an educational function and shows caregivers how to teach children how to ride a bike correctly. To ensure that the videos are understandable for as wide a target group as possible, they have also been produced in simple language. This roughly corresponds to language level A2. This version was also edited more slowly, which was already planned on the day of filming and meant that sufficient film material had to be produced.

Carine Vuitel, project manager at the BFU, is satisfied with the result: "The important messages were presented in an attractive and compact way for our target group. The idea of working with role models reflects one of the messages we want to convey to parents and people around children."

The video series is mainly distributed via the BFU's owned media channels. In addition, accompanying video ads will be played out in an advertising campaign via the meta platform and YouTube. A competition is also included.

Responsible at BFU: Carine Vuitel (Project Manager), Claudia Schär (Digital Media Manager). Responsible at Maybaum Film (concept and production): Benjamin Katulu (director), Sara Maag (camera), Sara Maag, Simona De Roni (editing), Silvan Michel (color), Tim Zumstein (sound design, mastering).

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