CSS and McKinivan take a journey through time in the spirit of solidarity

CSS entrusted the McKinivan agency with the communication mandate for its 125th anniversary. In close collaboration, the central theme and various communication measures were developed and implemented. A microsite and the printed chronicle are at the heart of the project.

CSS health insurance celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2024. The community of solidarity that stood at the beginning of CSS has lost none of its significance in 125 years. But how does CSS draw the strength from this to take on challenges with courage and look to the future with enthusiasm?

Thoughts and stories on the 125th anniversary

The brand storytelling agency McKinivan took these questions and translated them into a concept as a storyline for the anniversary communication. To this end, they collected voices and stories that convey how the CSS community offers security, partnership and confidence in everyday life. The stories range from reports on the modest beginnings as a small Catholic workers' association to interviews about today's position as the largest and one of the most innovative health insurers in Switzerland. They are intended to show how CSS continues to write its history day by day.

A stringent channel strategy for the anniversary year

The Microsite is also intended to invite visitors to discover the interactive timeline and the stories surrounding the 125th anniversary of "Gesundheitspartnerin". The storyline served as a cross-channel focal point for all communication activities for the anniversary. McKinivan also produced the launch video and created social media content. The microsite was implemented in collaboration with Networking and Sir Mary.

A magazine-style publication

The printed chronicle is a journey through the past, present and future of CSS. At the same time, it is a tribute to all those who have helped shape the history of health insurance. Above all, the idea of solidarity still plays a key role today. The milestones and challenges of the past 125 years have been carefully documented in detail.

The printed chronicle of CSS is not just a magazine-style publication, but a testimony to the times, intended to preserve the values and spirit of CSS for future generations. McKinivan conceived the magazine architecture, implemented the editorial design including illustrations and created the texts for the entire publication in collaboration with an editor.

Responsible at CSS: Marco Imboden (Head of Corporate Communications), Philippe Heiz (Project Management), Angela Geering (Head of Corporate Publishing), Roland Hügi (Editorial Office). Responsible at McKinivan: Nina Vagli (project management), Pius Sidler (concept), Joëlle Stocker (design), Fabienne Paul (illustration), Andreas Treichler (desktop publishing), Nina Goldiger (shoots).

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