Maybaum Film stages Toggenburg quality brushes for Ebnat

To produce the new image film, the whole place was polished at Ebnat, the brush factory from Toggenburg. Maybaum Film accompanied the employees as they cleaned up and taught the voiceover artist how to pronounce Toggenburg correctly.

Ebnat produces high-quality brushes for oral hygiene and household use. The company invests heavily in innovative products and its employees and is proud of its self-built production facilities and sustainable product lines with raw materials sourced from the surrounding forests. The film production company Maybaum Film was hired to capture the company's friendly corporate culture in an image film.

"During an image film production, you immerse yourself deeply in the culture of a company. The friendly and friendly atmosphere at Ebnat rubbed off immediately and you can feel it throughout the film," says Michel Frutig, Creative Director at Maybaum Film.

The image film was produced by a well-coordinated team of three over two days of filming at various locations in the Ebnat factory halls. Almost the entire workforce of the company took part in the film and came together for the grand finale. The main film and various cut-downs are used in German and English and are used internationally with a focus on B2B customers and partners. The videos are also used for employer branding and recruiting.


Responsible at Ebnat: Marlen Thoma, Simon Camenzind, Sheryl Amstutz, Annemarie Mahler, Peter Oberholzer. Production: Maybaum Film, Oliver Wigger (director), Simona De Roni (camera), Simona De Roni, Nikolas Reigel (editor), Silvan Michel (color), Tim Zumstein (sound design, mastering).

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