Mona and Mateo: Image campaign for Volg

With new poster motifs and a TV commercial, Volg is to be positioned as an integral part of daily life in the countryside under the motto "Here we are".

With around 600 stores in German- and French-speaking Switzerland, Volg is very close to its customers. The retailer is as much a part of the village as cat paw prints on the windshield. In addition to their practical use, village stores are also meeting places where people know and appreciate each other behind and in front of the checkout. Shopping at Volg is therefore associated with a wide range of everyday products and the wonderful feeling of being at home. This dual relevance of the brand in everyday village life is now to be taken up and recharged with the new image campaign.

The "Here we are" campaign locates Volg as an integral part of everyday life in the countryside. The motto expresses both the brand's affiliation with the village and the pride of the residents in being part of their village. Six poster motifs and a TV commercial mark the starting point of the new campaign. The subjects pick up on situations that are representative of everyday life in the village. From school trips and office breakfasts to hanging out with friends on a bench, the posters show familiar things. The "store area" was created for the placement of the motto. The blue design element stands in the middle of the action, like the Volg in the village.

Simple, striking message

The image and text are intended to convey a simple, honest and striking message that can still be understood when driving past on a country road: Volg is where people in the village feel at home. The TV commercial uses the same simplicity of the posters, but chooses the stylistic device of dramatization. It shows how carefree and wonderful it feels to be at home - in the village you like and with the family you love.

In addition to the posters and the TV commercial, the campaign also aims to attract a lot of attention and identification with Volg with headlines in the style of "Here we are" in and around the stores. Mona und Mateo is responsible for "Here we are". The creative agency is responsible for
the advertising budget of Volg Communications since winning the pitch in spring 2023. The campaign has been running throughout German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland since February 2024. Posters, advertisements, TVCs, banners, social media ads and various advertising media at the PoS have been used.

Responsible at Volg: Tamara Scheibli (Head of Communication/Advertising), Luana Covre (Communication/Advertising Specialist), Fabienne Gander (Communication/Advertising Specialist). Responsible for concept and implementation at Mona and Mateo: Meret Lauener, Joëlle Frutiger, Hannah Mey, Boris Stoll, Nicola Peter, Tabea Ott, Mona Fluri, Mateo Sacchetti. Photography: Simon Habegger. Photo production Tasty Pictures: Pascal Duschletta, Lea Fee. Director: Meeto. DoP: Jacob Møller. Film production Pumpkin Film: Sonja Brand, Claudia Brand, Amber Moog.

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