Department of Noise: This is what the canton of Bern sounds like

The Department of Noise agency has developed a sound identity for the Canton of Berne with the involvement of the administration's directorates, the effect of which should also refer to the guidelines of government policy.

The communication of a cantonal administration is diverse and multifaceted - and also very multimedia-based: the canton of Bern produced more than 100 new videos last year. In future, the canton will also be clearly recognizable from an auditory perspective thanks to a range of branded melodies, exclusive music elements and a browser-based branded music library.

Creating design elements at brand level for a large organization is a challenge: on the one hand, they need to create clarity and coherence, and on the other, be flexible enough to cover all the needs of the stakeholder groups - while also gaining the necessary acceptance from them. Under the leadership of the Office for Communication, this was achieved together with the sound branding agency Department of Noise: In a multi-stage process involving the directorates of the administration of the Canton of Berne, a sound identity was created that also makes clear reference to the guidelines of government policy in its impact.

Flexible in use

Anna Zwierko, Co-Head of News & Public Relations at the Canton of Bern, says: "The auditory elements now available express what we stand for: in tune with the times, cohesion, consistency. The brand melody created is neither major nor minor, making it very flexible in its application. Together with the exclusively produced intros/outros for multimedia and the branded music library curated for us, we now have practical design options and guidelines to cover our various themes and formats across all stakeholder groups. Ease of use in everyday life and one hundred percent legal certainty are guaranteed."

The created sound assets can now be heard on all multimedia channels of the administration of the Canton of Bern.

Responsible at the Canton of Bern: Anna Zwierko (Co-Head of News & Public Relations), Thibaut Muller (Multimedia Communications Specialist), Tim Burkhalter (Mediamatician). Responsible at Department of Noise: Florian Goetze and PhiLipp Schweidler (Strategy, Creative Direction & Production), Yves Gerber (Creative Producer).

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