Competition remains "very intense" according to Swisscom CEO

Swisscom maintained its turnover last year and earned slightly more. The subsidiary Fastweb in Italy did particularly well. According to Swisscom CEO Christoph Aeschlimann, this will remain the case. "We will continue to focus on the organic development of Fastweb," he said in an interview with AWP Video.

Swisscom CEO Christoph Aeschlimann in an interview with AWP. (Screenshot: YouTube/AWP Financial News)

In Germany, subscription prices for the main brand will remain stable this year. However, competition for the other brands will "remain very intense", according to the CEO. Overall, the Swiss market is seeing price erosion for telecommunications services.

Looking ahead, Swisscom plans to connect up to 80% of households to the fiber optic network by 2030. "That is a very significant increase in coverage," emphasized the manager. Today, Switzerland is only at 46 percent.

The remaining 20% of customers who will not be connected to a strong fiber-optic network after 2030 will at least have access to an extremely powerful mobile network from then on. Specifically, the aim is to achieve so-called 5G+ coverage of 90% by 2025. In the longer term, however, the goal remains to connect every Swiss municipality to the fiber optic network.

The copper network, on the other hand, will be gradually shut down thanks to the expansion of fiber optics. At the annual media conference on the same day, Aeschlimann spoke of a very significant step, as the first copper network in Switzerland was put into operation back in 1880. (SDA)

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