That was the LSA Live Talk "User Engagement"

On Wednesday's LSA Live Talk, Christof Zogg spoke with Marc Held (Graubünden Ferien), Philip Eggenberger (Staay Interactive) and Nico Keramaris (Wirz) about the requirements for successful user engagement. The recording of this episode can now be watched.

Christof Zogg (right) in conversation with Philip Eggenberger (left) and Marc Held.

User engagement must be well thought out, offer customers added value and inspire them time and time again. The Kinderwelt game app "Crystal Search with Madlaina", featuring the two advertising ambassadors Gian and Giachen, has achieved this.

They also talked about the possibility of turning very young vacation guests into loyal fans of a tourist region and how a brand can remain "top of mind" outside of the vacation season.

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