The Hire Guys with a new appearance

The car rental company has a new website, a new claim and a new image and wants to stand out more in the traditional market in which it operates.

The Hire Guys from Glarus is a car rental company that is neither a large corporation nor an insurance company disguised as a start-up, but two brothers. Not only can they service cars, they can also do the math. The small car rental company has now commissioned a small team of freelancers to completely overhaul its image. The aim was to stand out in a traditional market and communicate the USP of the prices without trying to be cheap.

The result is loud, colorful and slightly cheeky, but not blatant. The claim "Decent cars, decent prices" is intended to be as honest as The Hire Guys itself. At the same time, the new website makes it easy to rent a car: Anyone with a smartphone can usually manage this in just a few minutes. Hämmerli explains: "We don't bend over backwards. For many, we are the best and cheapest solution, for some we are not - that's perfectly fine. This is reflected in the design and communication."

Responsible at The Hire Guys: David Hämmerli (owner). Team: Robin Hedinger (Design & Frontend), Tobija Fischer (Frontend), Armin Windlin (Backend), Simon Kümin (Text).

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