Sunrise employees receive 1.7 percent wage increase

The Sunrise telecommunications group is paying its employees a higher salary. The increase applies to all employees who are subject to the collective labor agreement (CLA).

Specifically, the employees affected at lower salary levels will receive a fixed salary increase of 1.7 percent, the company announced. As in the previous year, this is intended to cushion inflation.

For all other employees covered by the CLA, a budget of 1.7 percent more salary per person on average is also available for performance-oriented, individual increases. The decision is based on the wage negotiations between Sunrise and the Syndicom trade union. Finally, individual salary increases and promotions are also possible for employees outside of the CLA, Sunrise announced.

166 redundancies planned

Last November, the Telekom Group announced the prospect of job cuts ( reported). Following a consultation process with employee representatives and Syndicom, these were put at 166 jobs, which corresponds to around 6 percent of the workforce.

Taking into account natural fluctuations, a total of 200 jobs will now be cut. A large number of "management positions and functions without direct customer contact" are affected by the cuts. (SDA)

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