LSA Live Talk on the topic of "User Engagement"

The LSA Live Talk on February 7, 2024 is all about "User Engagement". The example of Graubünden Ferien will be used to show how the vacation region is digitally expanding its children's world with a new game app.

Graubünden Ferien is a pioneer in children and youth marketing with its children's world centered around the two advertising ambassadors Gian and Giachen. The tourism marketing organization has now followed up with Wirz and Staay and created a colourful game world for children aged 6 and over with the mobile game "Crystal Search with Madlaina".

In the next edition of the LSA Live Talk Christof Zogg talks to Marc Held (Graubünden Ferien), Philip Eggenberger (Staay Interactive) and Nico Keramaris (Wirz) about user engagement in two senses. Firstly, how it is possible to turn even very young vacation guests into loyal fans of a tourist region and how a brand can remain "top of mind" even outside of the vacation season. On the other hand, it highlights the measures that can be taken to encourage users of a digital touchpoint to actively use it - and thus optimize the return on marketing investment.

Leading Swiss Agencies LSA discusses in the Live talk series "Digital Business Transformation" about trends and best cases on digital topics together with experts, clients and agencies. The live talk will show how new technologies are finding their way into practice and what opportunities are opening up for the communications industry.

The talk on "User Engagement" will take place on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 11:30 a.m. takes place. No registration is necessary.

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