Bernhard Bauhofer laments the destruction of truth with his song

As "BB The Artist", reputation expert and ex-advertiser Bernhard Bauhofer addresses the demise of truth in times of "fake news, social media, artificial intelligence and corrupt politicians" with his latest work "R.I.P. Truth". The accompanying music video is by Die Antwort.

"What's going on around the world at the moment has been worrying me for some time and inspired me to write my latest song," explains the Swiss artist with German roots. "If the truth is no longer an absolute good, then the door is open to arbitrariness - with consequences for the writing of history, our value system, the education of our children and our legal system."

Media such as Fox News knowingly and deliberately spread untruths and thus deceive millions of people, Bauhoder continued. "Manipulation of the media and elections have fundamental consequences for our society and jeopardize the continued existence of democracy. The internet - once celebrated as a great achievement of mankind - has the potential to bring about the downfall of human civilization."

The music video for the ex-advertiser's song was produced by the audio-visual production department of Zurich agency "Die Antwort".

Lyrics: Bernhard Bauhofer. Composition: Bernhard Bauhofer, Leo Niessner. Production: Leo Niessner, Slade Templeton, Influx Studios. Video direction, editing, AI effects: Andrea Filippo Mossa. Production: The answer.

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