Ellaciao launches new Christmas movie for Erne

This year's Christmas film for Erne AG invites us to pause and ask ourselves: What if one day there were no more craftsmen and women?

The Christmas spot "What if" - conceived and produced by Ellaciao in collaboration with the video agency Straight Impact - reflects the deep appreciation for the people behind every building. The aim is to make the invisible work visible and to thank the true heroes of everyday life, according to the agency.

The project is a tribute to the tireless work and passion of Erne's employees and highlights the importance of their work for society. The film underlines the message that every contribution counts and that great things can be achieved together.

The Christmas film will be shown in cinemas as well as on various channels and aims to celebrate company culture and the importance of human impact in the construction industry.

Responsible for the idea, concept, strategy and project management at Ellaciao: Patrick Usseglio (Creative Director) and Lorella Liuzzo (Head of Strategy). Responsible for production & post-production at Straight Impact: Pascal von Känel (Founder & Director) and David Brändle (Co-Founder & Creative Producer). Responsible at Erne AG: Nina Gyhr (Marketing) and Priscilla Troxler (Head of Marketing).


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