In the age of AI: companies need to become more credible

At this year's FS Digital Executive Forum, the topic of credibility and trust in the corporate context was discussed. The conclusion: companies need to become more credible again.

Last week's FS Digital Executive Forum focused on the topics of credibility and trust in the corporate context. It became clear that in times of digital change involving new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the associated new challenges for decision-makers in Swiss companies, it is no longer enough to build a company on figures alone. Companies need to become more credible again.

More than 200 decision-makers from business and academia who are shaping and want to shape the digital future of Swiss companies gathered - the event was the third edition of the FS Digital Executive Forum, an event that was launched three years ago by FS Partners AG.

One theme came up again and again: Especially due to current developments, credibility is becoming extremely important as a success factor for Swiss companies. Instead of only talking about credibility when it has already been damaged, many perspectives and solutions were discussed during this forum. "The demands on Swiss companies have increased enormously due to issues such as the shortage of skilled workers, sustainability, but above all due to the rapid development in the field of digitalization and this year in particular due to artificial intelligence. The pressure to act is also evident in established companies. That's why events like the FS Digital Executive Forum are needed to learn from each other through mutual exchange with peers and to boldly tackle the necessary change," says Patrick Comboeuf. "That's why we offer this platform for important dialog and knowledge sharing - and hopefully it will also be the starting point for many exciting projects to help Swiss entrepreneurs move forward."


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