Swiss Marketing: Successful graduation with diploma ceremony

139 people received their diplomas for marketing and sales managers from Swiss Marketing last weekend in Interlaken.

Picture: Petra Wolfensberger.

On Saturday, November 25, 2023, 139 marketing and sales managers were awarded a diploma from Swiss Marketing. The two best students of the year put in an outstanding performance. Flavia Kuster from Nicole Klose (Goldbach Group AG) was awarded an overall grade of 5.5 in marketing. In sales, Jasmin Nicole Kaufmann, thanks to her final grade of 5.2, received the award for the best of the year, presented by Susanne Roth (Künzlerbachmann Directmarketing).

Out of 44 people, 23 (52.3%) passed the marketing examinations. In sales, with 202 participants, the pass rate was 57.5 percent (116 people). This rate shows that a federal diploma is associated with high academic and practical requirements and confirms the quality of these further training courses.

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