Farner strengthens its dialog marketing

With Alex Schmid, Farner is bringing on board a dialog marketing expert who will support the agency in meeting the high demand in the one-to-one segment.

Dialogue marketing expert Alex Schmid is joining Farner in November to further expand the agency's dialog and one-to-one offering. The communications platform with nationwide coverage is thus further expanding its range of services for its customers.

"Whether digital or analog - we see a clear trend and high demand in the one-to-one segment. This allows us to provide our customers with even more comprehensive support from a single source," says Pablo Koerfer, Co-CEO of Farner | Team Farner.

Alex Schmid was the founder and head of the Alex Schmid AG agency for more than 30 years. With this agency, he looked after clients from various industries with the aim of achieving quantifiable success. He is also known for his training commitments at SPOK, SAWI, the ADC creative school and as a supporting member of the School of Ideas in Hamburg.

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