Sofies Kommunikationsdesign: New website for Athletes Network

The largest Swiss network connecting active and former athletes with the business world has launched its new website - developed together with the Zurich agency Sofies Kommunikationsdesign.

Athletes Network's new website is more contemporary and structured, including interfaces to Hubspot CRM. The website was redesigned from the ground up as a progressive web app, with a particular focus on optimization for mobile devices. An appealing and user-friendly design leads to job offers and strengthens the community for a successful career during and after the sports career.

The heart of the website is the password-protected member area. In a user-oriented onboarding process, active and former athletes can register free of charge. With more than 100 vacancies of the partner companies and with the help of the integrated CRM system, it is now possible to interact efficiently and in a target-oriented manner. This is intended to create a platform for transfers.

Responsible at Athletes Network: Dave Heiniger, Rahel Kiwic, Pascal Thrier; Responsible at Sofies Kommunikationsdesign AG: Kevin Casado, Roger Steck (Consulting, Design), Pasquale Li Voti (Consulting, Digital), Luca Moor, Melissa Federer (Code).

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