Notch: A new website for the Bratschi law firm

Full-service law firm Bratschi is getting a new web presence from Notch to strengthen its brand in the digital environment.

The user is greeted by animated animals on the most important entry pages. They stand for the long tradition, expertise, a lot of intuition and knowledge - the motto of Bratschi to offer their services to the clients networked and regionally. Supported are the
Main statements through a generous typo, the distinctive typewriter effect and the newly introduced nude color light green, which blends harmoniously with the existing corporate identity.

The new information architecture, which is geared to all user needs, offers precise entry points for all content. Thanks to the intelligent tag system, news, publications and events are played out automatically and across platforms at the most important touchpoints within the website. Information filtering offers users a quick way to find relevant information, as does the global search, which suggests suitable results. The smart linking of content means that new topics tailored to user behavior are constantly suggested to visitors.

Focus on profiles

In addition to the new structure and design of the site, the eye-catching contact button, the restructured publications and events, the focus was placed on the lawyer profiles. These have been completely redesigned and show at first glance the in-depth expertise, the professional career, specialist publications and the CV of the Bratschi experts. For an even more personal approach and a feel for the needs of new and existing Bratschi clients.

Responsible customer: Sandra De Vito Bieri (Managing Partner), Annalisa Cagnazzo (Head of bratschiACADEMY and General Secretariat), Isabel Heitmeyer (Marketing), Roger Möckli (Head of IT); responsible Notch: Martin Stauch (UX Director), Joas Landis (Business Director), Chiara Frank (Trainee Digital Communication), Martin Pfeiffer (Senior UX Concept Developer), Cédric Moore (Design Engineering Lead), Marco Klein (Art Director / Motion Designer).

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