Maybaum and Avista Film stage ETH research institutes

The film, which lasted just under two minutes and also used an AI tool, is intended to show that the alliance of the four research institutes of the ETH Domain will work together more closely in the future.

Our society is facing enormous challenges. Through the alliance of the four research institutes of the ETH Domain, many of the country's brightest minds will work together even more closely in the future. They are tackling the big questions of our time and trying to find sustainable solutions for current and future generations.

Solving big questions together

The four research institutes of the ETH Domain - Eawag, Empa, WSL and PSI - are convinced that the big questions of our time can only be solved together. For example, climate change, energy transition, biodiversity and resource scarcity are complex challenges that need to be addressed from different perspectives.

The short portrait of the four institutes and their research areas lasts just under two minutes. With a compact film crew, the shots for all research institutes were realized during ongoing operations. The task was to bring the different subject areas together harmoniously and to tell a common story in the film. The project also experimented with the use of AI voices. The original German voiceover was scanned using an AI tool and the Italian, French and English audio tracks were generated from it.

Responsible at customer: Dr. Andrea Six, deputy director of communications at Empa. Responsible at Maybaum Film: Michel Alraun, CEO. Production: Maybaum Film. Co-Production: Avista AG. Producer & director: Alex Büche / Michel Alraun. Cinematography: Eric Dardelet / Aline Pulver. Editing: Eric Dardelet / Aline Pulver. Sound design/mastering: Tim Zumstein.

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